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ALA Lignea was founded on March 15, 2005. We tarted our business with the export of sawn timber to the United Kingdom and Sweden. All of the sawn timber  as purchased from Latvian sawmills. 

In 2007, the company started active production at its production facility " Lemburgas sawmill", in Sidgunda, Malpils
region. At present, the company employs 55 employees. A  early production of up to 35,000 m3 of coniferous sawn timber is produced and processed. Most of them are impregnated with TANALITH E wood preservatives under controlled conditions in vacuum pressure impregnation plants. ALA Lignea supports sustainable forestry policy and has obtained the FSC Certification for Wood Flow Control
(FSC® CO16285). We offer FSC 100%, FSC Mix Credit and FSC Controlled wood. We are reliable cooperation partners both in Latvia and abroad.